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Interview with Mick Peaker,  Managing Director of AVICAL Australia, in Sound + Image 

Mick Peaker is Managing Director of AVICAL Australia, and a certified ISF Video Calibrator, capable of tuning your projector or television to perfection, and he’s as clued-up a dude as you’ll find on the differences between brands and the adjustments needed to get your display showing what the film-makers intended. We asked him about the benefits of calibration, and whether the move to 4K and HDR has changed things.

SOUND+IMAGE: So why should our readers consider having a TV or projector calibrated?
MICK PEAKER: In short, if you’re spending multiple thousands of dollars on a projector or TV and you don’t get it calibrated, you’re simply not going to get what you paid for. Many people believe that their display is just fine out of the box, but they would be incorrect.

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Why you need to calibrate your screen

Increased Comfort

Unatural colours and overly bright default picture modes can be harsh to the eye. A calibrated display helps to reduce eye-strain for comfortable viewing.

Image Fidelity

By adjusting your display to global standards, 
you will see all the colours and detail the way it was created to be seen for a more emmersive experience.

Better Value

You've invested in a quality TV or projector.
With calibration you will get the full benefit of what your investment can deliver.

Calibration: A Brief Explanation

Immerse yourself in all your favourite movies, knowing that all you see, all the colour, all the detail, is all that was intended to be seen.
  • You’ll see detail previously missing from the picture due to incorrect settings;
  • realistic colours and flesh tones;
  • sharper, clearer true to life images.

What others say about Mick Peaker from Avical

  • "Mick did a wonderful and thorough job calibrating our Sony Laser projector for 4K HDR and 1080p. I knew the unit could perform better and Mick didn't disappoint to bring out it's true potential. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Avical to anyone who wants their display devices to shine brighter."
    – Ben G. Kingston, TAS
  • "Just watched Avengers: Infinity War at home and then Avengers End Game at a VMAX Atmos theatre.
    Jasper said after the trip to VMAX that he was sad we had to watch this one at the cinema with the worse screen.
    So all good here."
    – Glenn Dickins - technologist, inventor, investor, Architect of Convergence, Dolby Labs
  • "I was pretty particular about days and times i was able to have some one come calibrate my TV and Mick was very flexible and accommodating, thank you Mick. I am extremely happy with the resulting picture quality that Mick attained for me. I thought my PQ was good before calibration, but it is now great. If the best Picture Quality is what you want from your TV then i highly recommend a calibration by Mick, well worth the cost. Thanks again Mick, I'm extremely happy indeed."
    – Raymond F. Brisbane, QLD
  • "Mick worked magic on my 4K Projector and provided a good lesson on colour spaces and content. Results are mind blowing and Mick's expertise I highly recommend. Until next time!"
    – James C. Brisbane, QLD
  • "I had it done on my 65" VT60 by Avical. The jaw dropped. That's all I'm going to say! :D"
    – Champ 2000 – Whirlpool Forum User
  • "I just wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Mick from AVICAL, for calibrating my Panasonic plasma today. To say I'm blown away by the picture now would be an understatement to say the least. To explain it as best I can, it's almost like I'm not looking at a "TV" anymore ; documentaries/nature BD's etc actually look like I'm looking at the real thing ; in the flesh. I know that sounds terribly clichéd but, it's the honest truth. I'm absolutely floored. At any rate I highly recommend Avical and its ISF calibrations if they are ever in your area!"
    – Doobie12 - Whirlpool Forum User
  • "Thank you again for calibrating my TV. It looks amazing :-) I also watched a bit of Avatar 3D and it is stunning!"
    – Steve D. Wahroonga, NSW
  • "Mick did an amazing job calibrating my TV, as well as checking all my consoles were set up correctly as well to take advantage of the calibration. I thought the PQ I had before calibration was good before he arrived but it was nothing compared to Micks calibration, especially for HDR/Dolby Vision content. Highly recommended."
    – Haris S. Melton West, VIC
  • "We have been including calibrations in most of our TV & Projector sales and we find the end result to be far superior to when we calibrate ourselves."
    – JFK Audio Visual, Neutral Bay, NSW
  • "Mick did an amazing job calibrating my VT60. He took into account the setup of my room, viewing habits, and calibrated accordingly. The result is a picture which looks so good that almost jumps out of the screen!"
    – Chris P. Adelaide, SA
  • "Thanks again for the calibration. It has made a quite a difference - a lot more than what I was expecting. I'll definitely be recommending you to others."
    – Gary S. Toorak, VIC
  • "I never liked the TVs default settings and spent much time trying to get it right but never quite getting there. Mick finally lifted my misery by calibrating our TV - he did a great job!"
    – Dave R. Avalon, NSW
  • "Mick is a 'cross the t's and dot the i's' kinda guy, never rushed and always methodical. I've had him calibrate three of my displays and if I ever get a fourth, I won't think twice about getting in touch with Mick. Highly recommended and worth every cent."
    – Bruce H. Waterways, VIC
  • "Had Mick over to calibrate my Samsung JS9000 for Netflix / movie consumption and Xbox / PS4 Gaming- great job added a lot of detail for the various content types. He also did my LG EG 960T 4K OLED which is used as a PC monitor, made an even bigger difference with amazing contrast and accurate colour. Mick also gave me the before and after calibration reports and most importantly the Calibrated Settings for all the input modes on both TVs. Very impressed."
    – Bruce. W, Melbourne, VIC

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